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Children learn in the same way as in high school, with specialist teachers in mathematics, art, PE, languages and music.

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We are very fortunate that from time-to-time we are able to award scholarships. At present, we are welcoming applications for the following scholarships:

Scholarship Opportunities for 2019

The Cameron Family Scholarship, Years 7 & 8

(This scholarship is currently held by a Year 7 pupil, moving into Year 8 in 2019. We anticipate being able to offer a new opportunity for 2020 entry)

Carncot School is proud to have the support of the Cameron family who will again provide a scholarship to a promising academic student, entering Year 7.

The scholarship is awarded to a student not currently at the school, who will be required to attend an interview with the Principal. An academic examination may be required. The value of the scholarship is 50% of the tuition fee for two years.

General Excellence, Entering Years 5 – 8

The Carncot Trust Board offers External Scholarships to students not currently at the School and entering Years 5-8, who display excellence in academic, musical, sporting and/or cultural fields.

Students will be required to attend an interview with the Principal. An academic examination may be required. The value of these scholarships is a proportion of the annual tuition fee for one to four years (depending on year entry level).

Please refer to the general Scholarship Terms and Conditions for more information.

If you are interested in either of these scholarships, please download the SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION FOR 2019

Scholarship Information for 2019 entry


Before and After School Care

Carncot School offers a before- and after-school care programme.
Please click on the link below to complete a consent and registration form for your child.

Before and After School Care Consent and Registration Term 1 2019

Carncot School offers a school holiday programme.   Please click on the link below to complete a booking form for the July 2019 school holidays.

Holiday Programme July 2019

Child Protection Policy

Please click here to read our Child Protection Policy

Code of Conduct

Please click here to read our Carncot Code of Conduct


Please click here for our Schedule of fees 2019

Past Pupils and Friends Association

The Association was formed in 1998, with the aim of developing and maintaining links between those associated with our school in the past: pupils, parents and friends, as well as the opportunity to stay in touch with the present school community. We hear so many good stories from our past pupils, telling us that they still keep in touch. This is one of the very special things about our school, and perhaps quite rare for a primary school. We also enjoy supporting current pupils in their endeavours through donating funds and assisting with fundraising activities.


To make it easier to purchase stationery, we have registered lists for each of our year groups at Office Max. You can either shop in store or buy online.

Summer Uniform

Winter Uniform

Sports Uniform

Uniform and Sports Uniforms

We are proud of our school uniform and all that it represents. As a result we have a strict uniform policy, which we expect our students to adhere to.

Uniform Booklet 2018

Uniform is available for purchase from the school uniform shop, which is open on Wednesdays between 3pm and 4pm (term time only). We encourage you to read and understand our uniform policy, before purchasing items that are not sold in the shop, namely:

  • Black sports underwear
  • Black tights
  • School sandals and shoes