Children learn more effectively when they're happy


Carncot School has been a key part of the Palmerston North community for well over a hundred years. We have seen many changes, but we have always remained steadfast to our principles of respect, responsibility, honesty, integrity and caring. Every aspect of life at Carncot is aimed at nurturing the individual potential in each child, whether academic, sporting, cultural or social. This has been our ethos and a successful recipe for many years. Our goal, as always, is to strive for excellence in everything we do.

Over 100 years in the making.


“A group of excited children climbed the stairs at Mr William Park’s book and stationery shop in The Square, Palmerston North.  It was their first day at Constance Stanford’s new private school.” ¹ Miss Stanford was the daughter of a local magistrate and these were her foundation students. The name Carncot has associations with Miss Stanford’s Irish origins and the family of Stanford of Carn. The addition of ‘cot’ emerged when Constance wanted a name for her school, then situated in Duke Street (now Princess Street). Her old friend, Ethel Wilson, thought it could be turned into a diminutive and suddenly said, “Carncot” and the name has remained. Carncot relocated a number of times until, in 1998, the former Fitzherbert homestead, in which it had been operating since 1955, was moved forward on its present site and a new school built at the back.
¹ Taken from Dorothy Pilkington’s fascinating book, Carncot, the first hundred years.



Mr Owen Arnst

Mrs Larissa Hogan
Deputy Principal and Year 8 Teacher

Mrs Shelley Driver
Assistant Principal and Year 3 and 4 Teacher

Mrs Lori Wyczawski
Year 1 and 2 Teacher

Mrs Sjaan Mekkelholt
Year 2 and 3 Teacher

Mrs Juliet Redmond
Year 5 Teacher

Mr Wes Theron
Year 6 Teacher

Mrs Raewyn Morris
Year 7 Teacher

Mrs Sarah Inman

Mrs Vicki Sinclair

Mr Roché Marx
PE and Science

Mrs Lynette Collis
Librarian / Office Administrator Pupil Support

Miss Natasha Print
Teacher Aide / Before- and After-School Co-ordinator

Mrs Vicki Smith
Teacher Aide

Ms Heather de Ridder
Specialist Music Teacher

Mrs Kirsten Clark
Specialist Music Teacher

Mrs Marise McNeill
Specialist Music Teacher

Mr Jason Wilcox
Music Teacher

Ms Rachel Perigo
Te Reo Maori

Ms Cecilia Cuadrado Chaves


Employemnt at Carncot School

"A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning." - Brad Henry

Everyone remembers a good teacher. We want to make sure our students have many teachers to remember as they go through life by carefully selecting every member of our team. You will find our current vacancies here, so if you think you could fit well with our learning culture, please keep checking here for updates.

At Carncot, we welcome student teachers on practicum so please feel free to contact us if you are interested in joining us.