Academic • 14/08/2018

Rotary Speech Festival

Akshay presented his winning speech at the local Rotary club’s Year 5 and 6 speech festival. Akshay did a wonderful job, presenting his speech on ‘the three most important things in life’ in a compelling manner. Well done, Akshay!

Academic • 14/08/2018

44th Fonterra – Manawatu Science & Technology Fair 2018 

The Manawatu Regional Science Fair was held on the weekend at the Barber Hall on Friday 3 August and Saturday 4 August.

Carncot School received many very commendable placings! The achievements of all of our students can be attributed to high levels of focus, motivation and research with their projects, which was evident in the group projects at the Year 6 level and individual Year 7 and Year 8 entries. Several judges commented that they were very impressed with the high standards of knowledge and enthusiasm that the Carncot pupils demonstrated for their projects.


Science & Technology High Distinction – Alana Smith

Science & Technology Junior Highly Commended – Anna Wood, Ivy Hadley-Jones and Sophia Pinkney

Science & Technology Junior 3rd Place – Allie Booth, Sophie Kirkwood and Ashleigh van Rynbach

Science Encouragement – Jiya Bothra, Thomas Malone

Youth Judged Science & Technology – Amy Macpherson

Special Prize (Australia & NZ Council for the Care of Animals in Research and Teaching) – First Place – Alana Smith

Massey University Internship – Allie Booth, Sophie Kirkwood and Ashleigh van Rynbach

Science Award Trust – Madeleine Hehir, Amy Macpherson

Faculty of Engineering & Applied Technology (Metal contstruction) – Alana Smith

Faculty of Humanities and Business – Madeleine Hehir

Academic • 14/08/2018

Carncot School Science Fair 2018

The School Science Fair was held on Tuesday 3rd July at Carncot School.

The Senior School, including students from Year 5 through to Year 8, all participated to a very high standard indeed. During Term 2, the Year 5 and 6 classes have worked with Miss Gaelle Stefani, a qualified Science Teacher, and a Parent within our own school community! Miss Stefani led our Year 5 and Year 6 students through the Scientific Research process, and both classes used the Science Laboratory to complete whole class experiments. The Year 7 and 8 team also completed individual projects and a variety of interesting topics were investigated. We were very fortunate to have a highly qualified team of 8 judges, who were able to judge each exhibit and also interview the students about their investigations. Congratulations to all of our students for participating in the Science Fair, and also for completing a very active and hands on term of Science learning!

Christina Haggett
Lead Teacher Science
Carncot School

Academic • 14/08/2018

Nisha Kantanon – Rotary Guest

Nisha was an excellent representative of Carncot school on Monday evening. She was the guest speaker at the Milton Rotary Club meeting, as the special guest of past-principal Lyn Gregg.  Nisha’s persuasive speech certainly convinced a room full of adults that Harry Potter, families and cats were the most important things in life. Well done Nisha!

Academic • 14/08/2018

Public Speech Competition 2018

First Equal: Thomas Malone and Nisha Kantanon Runner Up: Aaric Prasitdamrong Highly Commended: Jiya Bothra, Samuel Ratana, Ruby Bolt

Impromptu Speeches

Could you have 1 minute to prepare for a topic and then speak on this topic for another minute?  Very challenging! The Year 8’s had this challenge this week. The topic was the Best Letter in the Alphabet. Congratulations to Nisha Kantanon who was placed second and Thomas Malone who placed first.

Persuasive Speeches

After many weeks of thinking, drafting, refining, practicing our delivery it was time to deliver the persuasive speech. The Year 6 and 7’s had their judging on Wednesday with Akshay Aneesh placing first for the Year 6’s and Molly Coutts placing first for the Year 7’s.

On Thursday evening, every Year 8 delivered a wonderful and successful speech to a large but wonderfully supportive crowd. The topic was the Three Most Important Things in Life.  The topics were varied with many different things being identified such as shoes, our mums, family, Pokemon, toilet paper, teachers, cats and Harry Potter being only a few.

It was a very hard task for Dr Emerson to judge with such a high calibre of speeches.