Events • 02/02/2017

Farewell to Chris Michalski

Farewell for Chris Michalski

This will be held on Friday 10 February at 2pm in the hall. The school will celebrate with Chris as the Carncot Principal for the past nine years. The children will return to class at about 3pm and parents/adults are welcome to join Chris and other staff for afternoon tea. All welcome.
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Events • 02/02/2017

Christmas Carols at Carncot

Last Friday was a perfect evening for our Christmas Carol event. There were lots of carols sung and the students loved it when Father Christmas arrived!

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Events • 02/02/2017

Gala Day 2016 – From the Carncot Parents’ Association

Congratulations and thank you to everyone involved in our school Gala day last Saturday. Despite the weather, we had a good turnout from our community, great activities, craft stalls and profitable fundraisers.

It was great to see, during fairly heavy rain, the community band together to pack up and clear away the stalls and activities. The Gala Day is a huge effort for everyone: staff, students and members of the community and an even greater effort for a handful of individuals leading the planning and preparation.

On behalf of all the parents, and students who will eventually benefit from the funds raised, thank you everyone. We can all be extremely proud of the $11585.00 raised from this event.


Photos on Carncot Independent School Facebook page


Fun • 02/02/2017

Liam Adrian – Ronald Grump’s Carrot-tastic Campaign

Liam, Year 7, is an accomplished maker of short films. He has recently made a very clever, multi-layered film, Ronald Grump’s Carrot-tastic Campaign, which you can enjoy.  Liam has been interviewed by TV 3 and More FM. Well done Liam!

Events • 02/02/2017

School Production Photos – Help! We Need a Title!

Photos from the show!
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