Sports • 21/09/2018

News from Gymnasium…

This term, the focus for our students has been on Team Sport Skills during our PE sessions.

Our Middle and Senior students have been learning to create space, pass quickly and go backwards to go forwards.  Our Juniors have been focusing on the fundamentals of passing and catching, bounce passing and working together as a team.  Above all we have been playing hard and having fun!

Next term our focus will once again be on the fundamentals of primary school athletics in preparation for our school athletics competition on Thursday, 22 November.  There will even be an opportunity for professional development for our teaching staff and parent volunteers!  Please contact me via email with expressions of interest [email protected]

Matthew Conger
Physical Education and Health Specialist

Sports • 21/09/2018

Winter Hockey 2018

As another very successful winter hockey season draws to a close, yesterday afternoon we hosted the annual pupil versus parent hockey games. In beautiful afternoon sunshine, wonderful (and competitive)games between the children and parents ensued! Following the games, the hockey players received certificates and some lovely feedback about their progress. Marking the end of an era, Jo White was thanked for her 17 years of outstanding service to hockey at Carncot School!

Sports • 21/09/2018

Hockey Senior Finals 2018

Sports • 21/09/2018

Carncot Netball A

Our Carncot Netball A team were invited to participate in a game against Huntley today. In cold and windy conditions, our girls were well matched against the Huntley A team, however not reflected in the final score losing 17-10.

Alana Gore was awarded Player of the Day by the Huntley team, but all the girls played very well and represented Carncot admirably.

The team was provided with a delicious lunch and we would like to extend our gratitude to Huntley for inviting us to participate. A great experience for our team!

A special thank you to Mr Te Hiwi and Mrs Gore for making this possible.

Sports • 21/09/2018

Manawatu Jets visit Carncot!

Wednesday lunchtime was filled with fun and laughter for our basketball players when we had a visit from the Manawatu Jets.

Three of the Jets American imports impressed our students with both their basketball skills and their towering height. They challenged, encouraged and taught students skills through demonstrating techniques and running drills and games. A huge thank you to Kuran Iverson, Daishon Knight and Brandon Lucas for giving up their time to entertain and encourage our students.