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Academic • 18/11/2014

Armistice Day

The Northumberland Fusilier – by Madeleine, Year 4

The people who pass

Hardly give it a glance

The war memorial in Blyth

To those who for freedom have died

On it a name carved in stone

His life to them is unknown

Private Robert William Nail


Leaving school at twelve

Graft was all he would know

As a coal miner he worked

Down a dark dangerous pit

In the industry on which

The British Empire did sit

Private Robert William Nail


And when the Empire did call

So that freedom wouldn’t fall

My great, great grandad did go

To do his bit for us all

A long way from Blyth

Leaving behind four bairns and a wife

Private Robert William Nail


To the Somme he was sent

With his regiment

To fight in a trench

On his first foreign tour

Not to have fun

But to fight and kill Hun

Private Robert William Nail


For three years he survived

As explosives whizzed by

In Feb nineteen eighteen

Just months from wars end

He went down with a thud

Face down in the mud

Private Robert William Nail


He did not survive

His body not found

In France he had died

His young family cried

And that name carved in stone

Is now to us known

Private Robert William Nail