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Academic • 29/07/2014

Carncot School Science Fair


Science Fair copy

On Tuesday 29th July, the Senior Team participated in the annual Carncot Science Fair. Everyone did a wonderful job.

We invited six judges, Dr Roygard, Dr Harding, Miss Vining, Dr Smith, Dr Plieger and Miss Mortensen who assessed our projects. They asked us a number of questions about our projects during an interview.

This year’s winner was Charlotte McKinlay, Year 8, with her very interesting technology project about a solution for horses who have eye problems. Second place went to Emma Stein, Year 7, with her project about catching insects.

Ayana Sue, Anna Prasitdamrong, Jeanne-Marie Hehir and Emily MacKay all were awarded Highly Commended places.

All these students along with Olivia Eddy, Poppy Leney, Greer Burkitt and Zoe Smith will represent Carncot at the Manawatu Science and Technology Fair.

By Andrea