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Academic • 07/08/2014

ICAS Results

ICAS Results

We are proud to report six distinctions, seven credits  and two merits and in the ICAS Computer Studies assessment.

Yr 8: Poppy (D), Aisha (D), Roosje (M), Anna (M)

Yr 7: Phoebe (D), Matthew (C), Nicoletta (C), Emma S(C)

Yr 6: Emma B (D), Sam (C)

Yr 5: Antoinette (D), Emily McK(C)

Yr 4: Mia (D)

Our thanks to Mr Nick Leney for helping to train our participants. It certainly made the difference.


We are also proud to report one distinction, nine credits and three merits and  in the ICAS Science assessment.

Yr 8: Anna (D), Aisha (C), Charlotte (M), Sophia (M)

Yr 7:Matthew (C), Phoebe (C), Emma S(C), Nicoletta (M)

Yr 6: Riley (C)

Yr 5: Emily McK (C), Alice (C)

Yr 4: Jiya (C), Venice (C)

Well done, everyone!