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Sports • 11/06/2014

Interschool Cross Country

The Year 5/6 Interschool was held at Massey on June 6 and Year 7/8 Interschool was held at Ashhurst Domain on Wednesday 11 June. Our students ran exceptionally well against tough competition.

Year 5
Girls                                     Boys
Danya Purdue 28th            William Hopkins 36th
Jayde Rolfe 32                     Javed Zaman 91
Alice Moir 49                       Shareef Zaman 101
Emily McKinlay 73              There were 120 in this race
There were 115 in this race
Year 6
Emma Bedford 40th
Emily Read–Jones 50
Sam Nicholson 71
Grace Leney 78
There were 110 in this race.
Year 7
Girls                                      Boys
Rebecca Mark 4th               Matthew Cao 45th
Jazmyn Woolston 24          There were 63 in this race
Grace Kennett 25
Nadia Zaman 29
Claudia Kinloch 35
There were 52 in this race.
Year 8
Charlotte McKinlay 11th
Clara Osborn 23
Sarah Davis 30
Anna Prasitdamrong 43

There were 87 in this race