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Academic • 13/10/2016

Mandarin Chinese Speech Competition and Cultural Day

The Mandarin Chinese Speech Competition and Cultural Day took place during the school holidays at the Convention Centre. Our school had 7 out of the 9 entries in the senior Year 7-13 non-native speaking groups which included secondary schools, and 2 out of 14 entries ( Christina and David ) in the senior Year 7-13 native speaking group.

The Chinese community made us all very welcome and they were thrilled that so many children were learning Mandarin. They provided afternoon tea and several dance performances before the prize giving.

All the Carncot students presented their speeches very well and we received the following placings:

Year 7 – 13 Non-native speaking section

1st       Mia Vanderkolk

2nd =   Emma Bedford and Emily McKinlay

3rd       Kareena Patel

All Carncot students!

Other participants on the day were Antoinette Hehir, Allie Prasitdamrong, Sam Nicholson, Christina Jiao and David Zhou. Well done to all the students and many thanks and congratulations to Melody Chang, our Mandarin teacher!

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