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Academic • 04/11/2015

Massey Vet Trip

Recently, Dr Stefan Smith, senior lecturer in veterinary science at Massey University, was kind enough to invite the senior team to visit the Massey University Vet Tower. We had the opportunity to look at all the different skeletons and skulls of animals. There was even a lion’s skull! We also learnt a lot of new things like, how to tell the age of a horse, how to tell the difference from a goat and a sheep skull and so much more. Dr Smith told us about how hard you need to study to become a vet and that only 80 out of 400 people succeed. He encouraged us to take Science at high school right through to Year 13, so that we could pursue a career in Science.  While we were there, we were given a quiz to complete. We had to look around the lab and study the different skeletons of animals, as well as look at posters and realistic sculptures of things inside our bodies. The senior team had a lot of fun at Massey and many of us are already inspired to become vets when we grow up.  We are grateful to Dr Smith and all his co-workers who showed us around. We had a great time.

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