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Events • 18/08/2014

Ohakea Visit


Ohakea Visit


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As we arrived at the smoke room, my heart pounded. I was so excited, I could hardly wait. But unfortunately, I could see a long line in front of me. I realised that we would be waiting a while. Finally it was my turn. Riley and I raced to grab a yellow and red helmet. As we opened the door, of the smoke room, a big gust of smoke smothered my face; I quickly shut my eyes. It tasted foul too. As we entered, we could see blackness and the rope we held onto disappeared out of sight. In front of me, I could hear people calling out. It was really noisy. As the smoke blinded me, I tripped over cleaning products. When we eventually crawled out, I could finally breathe easily. I can’t wait to do it again!

Emily R-J, Year 6


As our group milled around the helicopter hanger, quiet exclamations of “wow” roamed through the crowd, for standing before us were the huge MH90 helicopters. We all rushed in to stroke the giant beasts, but unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to.  My friends and I talked while we were waiting to go on the strangely attractive-smelling twenty-seater helicopter.  We weren’t going to fly as such, but at least we got to pretend we were up in the clouds.  We were really lucky. The MH90 helicopters were magnificent.   Alice, Year 5


Stepping on the same stairs the Queen of England did, I felt like I was royalty. But there was no crowd cheering, no-one begging me for autographs and no-one royal around me. Inside the plane was beautiful, yet there was definitely something missing; the royal family. The seats felt smooth  and they moved from side to side. Casual car seats are nice, but the leather plane seats were very special. It was a wonderful experience inside the plane, even shutting the doors was exciting. Piloting an aeroplane looked like hard work, with all the gizmos and gadgets.  I wished the aeroplane would fly away with me, so for once I could experience royalty. Riley, Year 6