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Art & Culture • 07/08/2014

Peace Week




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I have a cinquain poem. Cinq means five in French therefore, a cinquain poem has five lines and a certain form.


Quiet, Still

Loving, calming, including

Lend a hand to others


By Lily, Year 6


I’m going to share my acrostic poem. An acrostic poem is a poem that  uses each letter of a word, so peace and week explains a word or phrase.

Peace is calm

Eager to be polite

Able to cooperate

Comfort each other

Everybody happy


We are friends

Everybody is loving

Every one included


By Gemma, Year 5


This is a haiku poem I wrote about peace. A haiku is a Japanese form of poetry where there are three lines. The first line has five syllables. The second had seven syllables and the third has five syllables again.

Ceasefire is a start

quit fighting start talking more

no more war, safe, peace.

By Alice, Year 5