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Events • 21/08/2018

William Pike

Yesterday, Carncot School was very fortunate to host William Pike. William awed, shocked, amazed and challenged us to become an explorer and show resilience.

Dipansy Patel has written a very descriptive recount about this experience:


“It was Inspirational. It was amazing, shocking even a little overwhelming for some. William Pike had come to visit our school. As we all settled down William began telling us the phenomenal story of his climb to the summit of Mt Ruapehu. How he had gone up with his friend, James, fully prepared having checked the volcanic activity beforehand. How they had stopped up at the snow covered hut and sheltered up in there, cozy in sleeping bags unknown to what would happen later on in the night. When we heard from our teachers at the start of the William Pike Challenge it sounded ‘WOW’. Now, hearing it from William Pike himself, it was extraordinary. What would you call finding your leg getting buried in volcanic material, and the feeling of bones being crushed and flesh being ripped away?”