Children Shine

Children shine academically when they are happy. Every aspect of life at Carncot is aimed at nurturing individual potential through a differentiated curriculum, with extension or support as required. We offer children a wide range of academic challenges and competitions to make the learning fun and rewarding. The results are amazing and really do speak for themselves.


We love to see children thriving on the field as well as in the classroom, so we actively encourage participation in sport. Our sporting achievements belie the fact that we are one of the smaller schools in our region. Our students consistently win places in representative teams, we are the only school to offer gymnastics badges and our swimming results are at the top of the national scale. Students are coached by representative players as well as committed parents.


They say it takes a village to raise a child. We recognise that Carncot is just one part of that community and it’s important to us that we give back in return. So, for over 100 years, the school has supported Barnardos, with fund-raising being a true highlight of the school year. Carncot children are also involved in many community activities, whether it’s delivering meals on wheels, raising funds for charity, singing or speaking at public events.

Outside the Classroom

Outside the classroom, you will see Carncot children taking part in a host of different activities. It’s something we actively encourage and we invite children to share their experiences with their peers in the classroom and their family at home. The craft, garden, ICT, maths, gymnastics, drama, dance and science investigators clubs all offer the opportunity to enrich and extend our students’ lives. Everyone has the opportunity to take part and sometimes students rotate their activities in order to sample as many experiences as possible.

All classes are taken on a camp each year and regularly participate in an ‘education outside the classroom’ programme. Throughout the year, children also enjoy field trips and the speakers who are regularly invited to the school.

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