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Art & Culture • 18/06/2018

2018 Youthline Art Competition

Amy Macpherson won first place in her age group for her piece “White Tiger”.  Her work will be on display at Square Edge this month.  Congratulations Amy!

Academic • 15/06/2018

Nisha Kantanon – Rotary Guest

Nisha was an excellent representative of Carncot school on Monday evening. She was the guest speaker at the Milton Rotary Club meeting, as the special guest of past-principal Lyn Gregg.  Nisha’s persuasive speech certainly convinced a room full of adults that Harry Potter, families and cats were the most important things in life. Well done Nisha!

Clubs • 14/06/2018

Craft Club Update

This term for Craft Club we have a group of Year 7 & 8 girls learning to make small quilts. They began by learning about colour, design, accurate measuring, and cutting fabrics with rotary cutters, special mats and rulers. This week most have finished their cutting out and some have started sewing. The time the girls are spending contributes to their community hours for the William Pike Challenge Award. Once completed, these quilts will be donated to our local neonatal unit at the hospital. Craft Club is led by Mrs Collis, and we are very grateful for the extra enthusiastic support and expertise of our 2 adult volunteers – Bev Randall and Chris Entwisle.

Art & Culture • 10/06/2018

Welcome to our Vietnamese guests!

It has been an exciting week as we welcomed our Vietnamese friends to our school and homes.

On Monday morning they bravely gave a presentation to the school about their country and culture.  We hope they have a wonderful time experiencing schooling and kiwi life in New Zealand!

Academic • 10/06/2018

Public Speech Competition 2018

First Equal: Thomas Malone and Nisha Kantanon Runner Up: Aaric Prasitdamrong Highly Commended: Jiya Bothra, Samuel Ratana, Ruby Bolt

Impromptu Speeches

Could you have 1 minute to prepare for a topic and then speak on this topic for another minute?  Very challenging! The Year 8’s had this challenge this week. The topic was the Best Letter in the Alphabet. Congratulations to Nisha Kantanon who was placed second and Thomas Malone who placed first.

Persuasive Speeches

After many weeks of thinking, drafting, refining, practicing our delivery it was time to deliver the persuasive speech. The Year 6 and 7’s had their judging on Wednesday with Akshay Aneesh placing first for the Year 6’s and Molly Coutts placing first for the Year 7’s.

On Thursday evening, every Year 8 delivered a wonderful and successful speech to a large but wonderfully supportive crowd. The topic was the Three Most Important Things in Life.  The topics were varied with many different things being identified such as shoes, our mums, family, Pokemon, toilet paper, teachers, cats and Harry Potter being only a few.

It was a very hard task for Dr Emerson to judge with such a high calibre of speeches.

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